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It seems like there is something for everyone when it comes to fishing in the Southern U.S. Whether you’re looking for a messy, slow-moving bass stream with plenty of fish or a pristine river with tons of blue gill snapper, you will find it at least somewhere along the way. So which areas produce the best fishing spots? Here are some of our favorite spots in the Southern U.S.:


Tallgrass Prairie

Tallgrass prairies are moderate to fast-flowing steaming areas with plenty of fish and water. The best time to visit Tallgrass Prairie is spring when the water is more saturated. So if you’re looking for a more intensive fishing experience, select the Tallgrass Prairie.


Mississippi Delta

The Mississippi Delta is a great place to start if you’re looking for some fish to eat. The Delta is a vast area with fish to choose from, and the best time to visit is in the spring and fall when the water levels are high enough to give you room to maneuver around the fish.


Missouri River

The Missouri River is the new kid on the block in the South. The best time of year to visit the Missouri Valley is during the hot summer, when the water is more saturated than usual, making it great for largemouth, tench, and smallmouth bass.


Tallahassee River

The Tallahassee River is less than a mile wide, but it’s a wide enough stream to give you plenty of room to maneuver around the fish. The best time to visit the Tallahassee River is in the spring when the water levels are low, and you can maneuver around all the fish without getting bogged down in deep water.


Indian Ocean

The Indian Ocean is the most southerly of all the Southern U.S. lakes and rivers, so you’re bound to find plenty of fish there. The best time to visit the Indian Ocean is in the early spring when it’s full of dubious tourists and the water levels are low. The best part about the Indian Ocean is that you can get an excellent deal on several fish dinners at one go, including king mackerel, striped bass, mako, and herring. So if you’re interested in more than just catching fish, this is a great spot to start.